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Generate Up To 15-20 Leads a
Week And Recruit 15 Reps Into
Your Biometics business
or we'll give you $1,000!


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The amazing Biometics Success System provides the tools you need to succeed with your Biometics business!

There are several plans available from which to choose:


Plug into all team and corporate communication, corporate training and downloadable resources, and more.


Includes everything in Free, plus includes your own, personalized Biometics Presentation Website to which you can send prospects and sign them up.


Includes everything in Beginner, plus includes the Biometics lead capture sites, training on how to advertise for prospects, a contact manager to keep up with all your prospects and customers, and email auto-responders to help you follow up with them.


Includes everything in Basic, plus customable lead capture sites to personalize your prospecting as you desire, advanced training on how to call and recruit new distributors, specialty sites to help you recruit more, and a guarantee to recruit 15 distributors in 6 months.... or we’ll give you $1,000.

What is the Biometics Success System?

Biometics Success System is a set of tools specifically designed to help you build your Biometics business. It includes four essential tools to help you succeed:

  • A fully integrated and automated system to manage all your prospects and follow up with them automatically
  • A powerful communication link between you and your team leadership. Stay up to date with training tips, announcements and fun things happening in our business
  • An online training center to teach you step-by-step how to find your own prospects and what to say to recruit them into your Biometics business
  • Online and Offline marketing systems to generate new leads, email autoresponders to automate your follow up, and additional business building tools and training to help you grow

It's an entire business building system in a single package!


Recruit 15 Reps...
or get $1,000 CASH!

By plugging into our Recruiting Mastery Training Course and actively calling prospects, we guarantee you will recruit at least 15 people in 6 months... or we'll refund your money.

However, for a limited time we'll triple your refund and give you back $1,000 CASH!

Here's how it works...

First, sign up by the end of the month and remain on the Pro plan that includes our Recruiting Mastery Training Course.

Second, have no more than 2 declines during your 6 month period (declined charges my cause us to block access to your services and impact your business.)

Third, if you do not recruit 15 people in 6 months following our step-by-step training, then as long as you have met the requirements of our regular money back guarantee (see below) we'll refund the $300 you'll have invested on the Pro plan ($49.95/mo x 6 months) plus an extra $700... for a total $1,000 cash.



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No Risk Trial
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10 days
One-time Setup Fee
United Team Communication
Biometics leadership communication
Biometics Team Calendar of all events
Biometics leadership team training
Team Training Site (if applicable)
Online Marketing Tools
Biometics Presentation Site
Biometics Opportunity Lead Capture Site
Biometics Customer Lead Capture Site
Biometics additional sites (when developed)
Contact Manager, email auto-responders
Purchase leads
Customable personal lead capture sites
Social media lead capture sites (add your own videos)
Specialty Site: Tax Savings of a Home Business
Specialty Site: Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation
Specialty Site: Tim Sales What the Wealth Buy on Payday
Customable Personal Biz Site with social media integration
Edit any website and customize it to you
Offline Marketing Tools
Sizzle Line® 800 voicemail*
Purchase SizzleCards®, signs, etc.
Sizzle Line® web sites
Email signature web sites
250 line telephone conference bridge
SuccessTips daily audio training "nuggets"
Step 1: 23+ ways to generate leads
Step 2: calling and setting appointments
Step 3: how to recruit 8 out of 10 prospects
Step 4: getting recruits started fast
Recruiting Mastery online course
Money Back Guarantee


* Price Plan Options: when you initially sign up you will be on the Pro plan with a no risk trial, and you can change your plan at any time to the any other plan. When your trial is over, you will be charged for your plan price. If you desire to remain on the Pro plan, you will also pay a one-time $20 activation fee.

** Toll Free Voicemail is accessible only for U.S. or Canada originating calls. Rates are 7.9 cents per minute, or you can prepay them at 2 cents per minute.